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PotteryDen Design Philosophy PotteryDen

PotteryDen Design Philosophy

Art must be trendy and functional to be part of your daily life. At PotteryDen, we believe in the simplicity of design. Our collection is produced from different clays and further decorated in different ways. For example, you might use various glazes to create the desired effects or hand-paint the items. The USP of PotteryDen is to bridge the gap between tradition and style so you can have the best of both. My travels across the USA, UK, and Europe helped me to design pottery in international modern ways with an Indian touch. Handmade products like a bowl, utensils, and vessels in different colors inspired by nature are abundantly in demand, and we customize for the corporates and do bulk orders too. All designs are influenced by seasonal colors, nature, festivities, and earthy tones. We try to be as close to nature as possible. 

Looking at PotteryDen's collections, you can see that we create particular pastel collections for the summer, warm and earthy tones for winter, and traditional patterns for festivals like Diwali and others in India that take into account modern tastes and customs. We launch limited edition collections every quarter, and every collection has a story. 

The launch of an eco-friendly ceramic line was an inspiration. All of the products sold by PotteryDen are 100 percent lead-free clay. All of our designs are made by hand without a printing machine. Since it must be modern-compatible, microwave and dishwasher-safe pottery must be used. For these reasons, I settled on presenting only the finest hand-made, pure-clay ware. There's something particularly cherished about a product that's been handcrafted.

Our designs are true to our tagline: "Let's clay with colours!"

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