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The PotteryDen Story PotteryDen

The PotteryDen Story

I was born in a small town called Palghar in the old Thane district. Adivasis (regional/local tribes of rural India) surround that area; hence the cultural training has been there since childhood. After completing my post-graduate studies at Mumbai University, I was married and moved to Chicago. While in the USA, we traveled all across the country. We experienced many cultures, living styles, and various culinary tastes. A similar experience was in the UK and Europe as well. 

When we decided to return to India, I knew I wanted to do something on my own and use my experience abroad with Indian designs in mind. I was ready to embark on something new as the family was settling back into life in India. I am an avid lover of handmade products as they are imperfectly perfect. Earlier in Chicago, my family and friends admired my crockery selection. So when this opportunity to try my hand at pottery and ceramics came my way, I grabbed it. I was sure about my design capabilities, and everything else just progressed.

The purpose behind establishing PotteryDen was to provide a product of international excellence. After returning to India, I was reminded that our country's greatest strength is its talented workforce. Since I had seen ceramic wares worldwide, I knew we had huge potential in developing novel creations, but the problem was producing items of international quality. To that end, I set out to develop a range of products that look and feel the same, at par with international quality, whether manufactured in India or elsewhere. Our primary goal in developing this product was for it to function independently and that it could compete successfully on a global scale.

PotteryDen, headquartered in Pune, is a lifestyle brand of our unique handcrafted clay-made products. I'd desire to see PotteryDen wares in every home and workplace since we cater to a wide variety of markets using targeted strategies to create real, sustainable goods. Every three months, we unveil brand-new collections, each with its fascinating backstory. We also produce limited edition collections, letting customers choose items that appeal to their aesthetics or serve practical use around the home or workplace.

The exclusive, one-off collections we release set PotteryDen apart. We launch new designs every quarter, but for our hallmark lines, which have consistent year-round demand, we continue to manufacture with modest alterations to the designs.

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